2004 Biennial Exhibition

By Chrissie Iles, Shamim M. Momin and Debra Singer

Features Virgil Marti

The Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2004 Biennial Exhibition brings together 108 artists and collaborative teams from three generations who reflect a number of overlapping tendencies–diverse approaches to process, narrative, materiality, abstraction, conceptual strategies, technology, and history. The catalogue includes thought-provoking essays by the Whitney curators who organized the exhibition–Chrissie Iles, Shamim M. Momin, and Debra Singer–as well as related texts by writers as diverse as Joge Luis Borges and Susan Buck-Morss, entries on each of the artists represented, and a comprehensive list of works in the Biennial. In addition, each artist has contributed an original project to the catalogue, in formats ranging from posters and postcards to zines and bumper stickers, packaged in an enclosed box. 272 pages, 154 Illustrations, including 136 in full color, Cloth.

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

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