News / New Publication: Mark Barrow

We are pleased to announce the publication of Mark Barrow’s first print publication, released in 2013 by Elizabeth Dee, New York, Mousse Publishing, Milan, and Zero…., Milan.  The publication is composed of a Catalogue of works and an artist book titled Redaction.  The concept of the book was designed by Mark Barrow in collaboration with Stefano Cernuschi of Studio Mousse.  Below, find an excerpted interview between Matthew Higgs and Mark Barrow.

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Editor Julia Friedrich, Text by Katy Segal

No. 12 of the series Grafische Sammlung / Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2011, 16p. with illustrations, softcover.

Coloring Book: Between The Lines

Features Adrian Piper

RxArt is pleased to announce its third and most expansive coloring book project to date, Between the Lines: Volume III. The coloring book is an integral part of our mission to engage patients through contemporary art. Between the Lines is distributed free of charge to children in RxArt’s participating healthcare facilities and sold to benefit RxArt’s projects. Like the artwork we install, the coloring book is meant to give the children and their families something new and stimulating to think about. It is another tool to take children to an emotionally less stressful place and provides a creative outlet for children confined to the austerity of a hospital room.

Artists of all ages will be delighted with Between the Lines: Volume III, which features the work of 60 celebrated contemporary artists. Everyone is free to add his or her personal touches to the pages. The book is 120 pages long and features four pages of full-color stickers by Rob Pruitt and Trenton Doyle Hancock.

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Possible Press Volume 2 Issue 3

Features Philippe Decrauzat

Curated by Michelle Grabner. Text by Elijah Burgher, Philippe Decrauzat, Dana Degiulio, Nicholas Frank, Drew Heitzler, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Diego LeClery, Gerold Miller, John Neff & Andrew Blackley, Ann Pibal, Zak Prekop, David Robbins, Emily Sundblad, Sean Ward, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

Special Fall Volume 2 Issue 3 November 15, 2011

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Located on 873 East Thompson Street, Philadelphia, PA

The Anabasis

Features Eric Baudelaire

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Catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition, The Anabasis, at Centre d’art Contemporain la Synagogue de Delme May 5 – September 25, 2011

Eric Baudelaire makes photographic series, films and installations, working from documentary and archival material, pre-existing images, and texts. Centering on the power of the image, his work combines the approaches of photoreporter and artist-anthropologist. At Delme his most recent project looks into the construction of the self via ideology, myth, narrative and the need to find one’s place in a world rendered highly complex by the collapse of the most fundamental political certainties.

Gesamtkunstwerk: New Art from Germany

Features Josephine Meckseper

Published to coincide with the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery entitled GESAMTKUNSTWERK:NEW ART FROM GERMANY

The art of the 24 artists from or based in Germany presented here provokes a reassessment of the 19th-century ideal of the Gesamtkunstwerk, which can be translated as a total, universal art work, or a synthesis of different art forms into one all-embracing unique genre.

Many of these works ask us to think about the boundaries of art, our perception of it, its cultural specificity and its relationship to other disciplines. Running through the works is another, unconscious, quasi-Gesamtkunstwerk: the baggage of post-war German visual culture.

If the work of these 24 artists points to a new kind of Gesamtkunstwerk it is one in which high and low culture, the avant-garde and the historical, the everyday and everything in between can co-exist in a body of works which add up to much more than the sum of their parts.

Flexicover: 176 pages. 116 color illustrations.

November 18th 2011-April 30th 2012 Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom

The Indiscipline of Painting

Features Carl Ostendarp

The Indiscipline of Painting is an international group exhibition including works by forty-nine artists from the 1960s to now. Selected by British painter Daniel Sturgis, it considers how the languages of abstraction have remained urgent, relevant and critical as they have been revisited and reinvented by subsequent generations of artists over the last 50 years. It goes on to demonstrate the way in which the history and legacy of abstract painting continues to inspire artists working today.
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Trois films photographiés

Trois films photographiés – A Change of Speed, A Change of Style, A Change of Scene – After Birds – Screen O Scope

Features Philippe Decrauzat

Publisher: Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva
November, 2011
Edition of 400. Each copy is composed of 18 quires, bound together following a random repartition system. Each book is unique and numbered with an adjustable rubber stamp.

LABOUR Issue #1

Features Meredyth Sparks in conversation with Lisette Smits on The Female Dandy

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Drawing Room Confessions Issue #3: Miriam Cahn

Drawing Room Confessions is a new printed journal named after a parlour game played by Marcel Proust, the Surrealists and others. It is made of words and exchanges, with no images. Six different sections (The Egoist, The Blind Man, Two to Tango, Ekphrasis, Time Line and La Madeleine) comprise the Rules of the Game, which are the same in each issue.

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