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Mac Adams
Mark Barrow
Philippe Decrauzat
Leo Gabin
Derek Jarman
Jeff Keen
Craig Kucia
Ryan McNamara
Josephine Meckseper
Meredyth Sparks

Elizabeth Dee is pleased to introduce Relic, an intergenerational group exhibition examining the notion of value in analogue and digital forms of cultural transmission through a conversation between discreet works.

In the presentation we begin with a special and rare late tar painting by Derek Jarman, created at the end of his life incorporating knives, crystals and an obliterated crucifix. Paring side by side are two works by the Ghent based collective, Leo Gabin who engage in a democratic exploration of reality culture on the Internet and the collective intelligence of abstraction.

Meredyth Sparks amasses an archival index of the women from album covers of Roxy Music and repositions them in a three-dimensional collage, serially repeating the women in small, medium and large. Philippe Decrauzat’s Triangle Red looks back to some earlier forms of process in minimalism as a starting point for his experiments in optics, perception, and the material embodiment of shape.

Mac Adams’ historically invested dialogue surrounding the concept of narrative void is seen through carefully selected fractured images in Post Modern Tragedy, Teapot from 1988.  Jeff Keen’s repetition of the stenciled form of Mickey Mouse in Blatzak (Mickey Mouse) (1966) acts as an archival pop critique, extending the visual vocabulary of his films into the context of painting. Mark Barrow’s investigations into structure and materiality are shown in an early stage, as he mines the inherent weave of pure canvas to create a painting that vibrates like a television screen in a work executed prior to the artist’s collaboration with weaver Sarah Parke.

Josephine Meckseper plays with the politics and effects of display in commerce and capitalism in an important, formative shelf sculpture created in the early stages of her career in 2005.  Craig Kucia’s use of quotidian objects as observant, subtle studies of mortality is in contrast to the figurative, seen in the performance artist Ryan McNamara’s backdrop decoupages, collaged images produced by his latest project Still.

Throughout this wide range of works, we see each artist engage in a form of preservation; whether political, metaphysical, or performative, as each work exists as a historical container for a moment, concept, or period in culture.   As relics, these works of art call our attention to the way objects carry history, speak inter-generationally, and can communicate and engross us with their stories.

Please note that due to space, works will be on rotation during the course of the fair. For more information, please contact the gallery at +1.212.924.7545.

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