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Screening of works by Kalup Linzy at The Dedalus Foundation, Thursday February 14th at 6 PM followed by a discussion and Q & A with cultural theorist Michele Wallace, Professor of English, Film Studies and Women’s Studies at The City University of New York Graduate Center and
artists Marysia Lewandowska and Anthea Behm. Reception to follow.

The artists in this exhibition– Anthea Behm, Andrea Fraser/Je Preiss, Finishing School, Marysia Lewandowska/Neil Cummings and Kalup Linzy–have all engaged with a facet of the heterogeneous accumulation we call the “art world.” These include: the commercial gallery, the museum, the international art fair, the art historical conference and the annual, biennial,  triennial…. format. The title is meant to capture the hidden utopian impulse contained both in Institutional Critique as well as Science Fiction which manages to insert itself into this exhibition as a way to direct such investigations toward a future world of art. This is only fitting since all of these artists are not content with the constraints of the art world as currently imagined and move beyond it by engaging with the inherently interdisciplinary field of cultural studies and the larger social world we inhabit. Curated by Cindy Smith.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to by February 1st, after February 1st
please call 212 220 4220.
The Dedalus Foundation
555 West 57th Street
Suite #1222
New York, NY 10019
This exhibition will also be on view in Media Lounge during the conference as part of
ARTspace programming.


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